The annual subscription is $160 for existing bowlers and $80 for first year/beginner bowlers. Application forms for Outdoor Bowls are available at the Bowls pavilion or in the foyers of the club.

Facilities at the bowling club are of the highest standard with the greens being used daily between late Sept and early April.

Over the last few years we have hosted the Bowls NZ Men’s and Ladies Nationals and Intercentre, Clubs NZ Nationals Mens Fours (2018), Clubs NZ South Island Womens Fours (2009 and 2010). We have a full bowling programme scheduled during the playing season - Interclub, club and open tournaments, Men’s and Women’s Championships with roll ups for the non-competitive bowlers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Click HERE to view the Papanui Club Outdoor Bowls Interclub Draws and Teams


Terry Stewart 03 359 9921 / 021 744 815
David Murray 03 344 3175


The Indoor Bowls Section meets each Monday evening in the Club Meeting Rooms with activities starting at 7-30 pm. 

All new members welcome.

Our season runs from early March until late September and we have home and away visits with other clubs. Members can enter in competitions arranged by the Canterbury Indoor Bowls Association and/or the Chartered Clubs Association. We also have a regular Ladies tournament played at Kaiapoi Club on the last Thursday of each month April – September inclusive. Club nights are a mix of various types of competitions with teams being drawn from members present on the night.

Season subscriptions are $45 for members who do not wish to be affiliated with the Canterbury Indoor Bowls Assn. (CIBA) or $65 for affiliated players. Members are requested to assist with clearing away mats and bowls at the end of each evening.

President: Anne Caldwell 03 352 9232
Club Captain: Dave McKay 03 359 7209
Secretary: Bob Bennett 03 352 3338
Treasurer: Neil McConachie 03 359 8547



Subscription is $10 a year and new members are always welcome. We send players to four Club NZ tournaments each year. National Crib and National Euchre. South Island Crib and South Island Euchre (Steinlager). Interclub runs from 9th May to end of August each year (approx).

Monday afternoon 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Flag 500.
Tuesday afternoon 1pm - 3:15pm - Crib
Wednesday afternoon 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Euchre


Alan Neale 03 359 5582 


Everyone can play darts, so why not join our friendly and social section? We are always on the lookout for new members to play social darts or to join one of our many teams and play Interclub Competition. We currently have 9 teams covering all grades of ability from beginners through to the best. All email correspondence to


Paul Harrington 027 316 5002
Alan Penney 021 202 5821


The Fishing section is a group of like-minded individuals who participate in various styles of fishing. Throughout the year we take part in a variety of competitive and social tips, two of which are set aside as ‘family’ trips. If you want to find out more about the section, please contact our president or come along to one of our meetings which are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.


Bruce Finnie 03 352 9896
Bob Broadbent 027 434 2956 


The Gardening section meets the second Wednesday of every month. We have some interesting speakers on quite a number of subjects from planting bulbs to growing flowers, vegetables and pruning trees. We also go on outings to gardens around the city. Our subs are $5 yearly and we meet at The Papanui at 7pm to 8:30pm followed by supper.

2017/18 Programme:
11 Oct - Visit Oderings Nursery, Barrington
8 Nov - Annual Dinner @ Bishop Brothers
13 Dec - Competition for 'Best Decorated Supper Plate'
14 Feb - Visit to Begonia Gardens
11 March - Visit Ohinetahi Governors Bay


Helen Lovell 03 323 8637


Anne Gane 03 323 7131


The Golf Section has a Sunday Tournament
every month of the year except January.
Visitors are more than welcome to join us at
any of the tournaments. Green fees are kept
to a minimum, being only $15 and the
subscription to join the Golf Section is $10 yearly.

We cater for Golfers of all abilities, with
divisions from those on single figure handicaps
right through to intermediates, juniors, ladies
and a separate non-handicapped division.
Don’t forget the first law of Golf
- No matter how bad your last shot was,
the worst is yet to come. This law does not
expire on the 18th hole, since it has the
supernatural tendency to extend over the
course of a tournament, a summer and,
eventually, a lifetime. AGM date to be advised.

Register for the next event here >


Gav Russell 03 359 8665
Acting Club Captain:
Len Beattie 03 358 5856
Carl Daly 03 323 8455


Papanui Paraders Leisure Marching Team was established in 2001. At present the team has 12 members but at times has had as many as 16 with many having been part of the team for over 5 years. As one team member said, she ‘joined marching to see NZ' and this has certainly happened with the team now entering events from Invercargill to Auckland & many places in-between. Fun, fitness and friendship is the motto for Leisure Marching and this is surely followed by much fun and many friendships made when the team has travelled. Fitness is taken care of with practice being held on Tuesdays at either Tullet Park or in the  Bowling Club rooms. Contact our coach Glenda for more details.

View the team’s latest march in Invercargill - March 16


Cheryl Campbell 03 359 1999 / 027 682 5296
Claire Blom 03 354 3976 / 021 1316 646


The Leisure Time Section was established in 1986 and now has a membership of 80+ club members. The elected committee endeavours to put together a programme which offers a mix of guest speakers (covering a variety of interesting topics) and also subsidised coach trips to those ‘hidden’ places of interest throughout the Canterbury region - often including morning/afternoon tea or lunch. Our mid-winter and end-of-year lunches are always popular and very well supported. All Papanui club members are welcome to join.


Jill Grimwood 03 383 3928
Sydney Cook 03 352 6450


Merlins Netball have been part of The Papanui Club for 8 years. We have senior social teams, junior
teams starting at under 11 and competitive teams in 2nd grade. We are the only netball
club in the area and our junior teams practice at Isleworth School. Visit our Facebook page for
more details:


Shelly Johnstone 027 315 1650
Email address all corespondence:


The Committee and members of the
SeniorNet North-West Christchurch (Inc) a
section of the Papanui Club Inc invite you to
view our new and exciting website created
by our members.


Cheryl Beaton 03 359 6938



We welcome new members. We play every Sunday and Tuesday 1pm to 3pm. Boules are available to use and our friendly coaching team will provide you with an easy introduction to the game. Come along and give it a go and join our friendly group.

Subs are $15 per year.


Marjorie Vincent 03 323 7129 


Marilyn Harper 03 323 9813


We currently have 6 teams playing interclub
on a Tuesday night from March to October.
We have social nights on Thursdays and all
our club championships are held on Sunday
mornings. Pool section subs are $20 and $5
for juniors (under 18). For more information


Darren Purdon 03 383 5004 / 021 306 087
Rachel Hiddleston 03 359 5004 / 021 181 8808


Table Tennis play's at the Canterbury Table Tennis Stadium, 294 Blenheim Road, every
Tuesday night from end of February until end of September at 7:15pm. We play inter-club with
other chartered clubs from the beginning of April, every 2nd week. We have home and away matches.
We fit in our own championships in where weeks are available.

We play in grades from 'A' down to 'D'. Social players are most welcome. All players must be members of the Papanui Club.


Alastair Morice 03 323 9290 / 027 2815 841
Elva Craig 03 352 5951 / 021 2547 973


The travel section was formed in 1996 and
has grown in numbers since that time. We
are a friendly group and new members are
always welcome. Meeting times are on the 3rd
Wednesday of the month at 11am.
Events: Two 5 day trips within the South Island
and day trips throughout the year.


Wayne Lovell 03 323 8637
Gwen Mould 03 359 8046


The walking section caters for any member of The Papanui Club who likes meeting people and keeping fit in a friendly environment. We walk on Monday and Wednesday evening meeting at the club at 7pm by the main entrance. The Sunday walk is a little longer and during the cooler months once daylight savings finishes we meet at 9:30am in Glasnevin Dr by the angle parking beside the park. We then car pool to where we are walking from. During the summer months we meet at 9am. Once a year we have a walking trip away.


Cindy Hey 03 352 6266
Ray Wilson 03 358 7982


We meet on the second Monday of each
month at 7pm. One month is a food meeting
and the next month is a wine meeting.
The food can be anything from seafood to
chocolate, with the wine coming from
anywhere in NZ. Generally a wine maker
comes and speaks to us and brings us their
wines for us to try and buy.

For food months we try and select local
people/businesses to come and let us try their
products. We are open to any members asking
us to invite someone. We also have a Wine and
Food club shirt & encourage as many members
as possible to buy one at a cost of $45 so when
we go on bustrips, we can all wear them. If you
are interested in joining please don’t hesitate
to get in touch.

Programme for rest of year:
9 October - Wine. Framingham
13 November - BBQ Foods. Stu from Fresh Choice
11 December - Christmas Function. Embers


Marilyn Townshend 03 354 5235


Helen Lovell 03 323 8637


Sue Riches 03 359 8411